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About Zanzibar Taxi

Your Reliable Taxi Service in Zanzibar

Vehicle Options: At Zanzibar Taxi, we exclusively utilize regular Zanzibar taxis that can comfortably accommodate between 1 to 7 passengers. If you have luggage, rest assured that we allocate sufficient space to accommodate it. Typically, one taxi can accommodate up to 5 passengers along with their luggage. It’s important to note that all our vehicles are registered taxis, ensuring your safety and peace of mind whenever you book a taxi through us. On certain occasions, we may also deploy tour cars capable of seating up to 7 passengers for your convenience.

Our Services: We take pride in offering the central service of taxi booking in Zanzibar. Additionally, we provide you with transparent and fixed prices, guaranteeing that you will always pay a fair amount, neither more nor less. It’s important to understand that the cars we utilize are not owned by our company. Instead, we offer the service of connecting you with licensed taxis and facilitating their booking through our call center or online platform. For your convenience, if you prefer to pay for the taxi in advance using your credit card, you can easily do so when placing an online order. We accept payments in any currency of your choice. However, please note that cash payment in Tanzanian shillings is always accepted on-site. In the event that the taxi fails to arrive, we will promptly refund your online payment in full.

About Our Company: Zanzibar Taxi Service operates under the umbrella of Colors of Zanzibar, a reputable tour and travel company. Established in 2011, our company proudly represents Zanzibari ownership and is deeply rooted in the local community.