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We are using normal Zanzibar taxis, which take between 1 to 7 people. If you have luggage, leave space for luggage – one car can then take up to 5 passengers. All our taxis are rigestered taxis, no private cars. All our drivers are registered with us so you can feel safe any time you order a taxi through us.

Sometimes we might also send tour cars to pick you up – these offer seating for up to 7 passengers.


We offer you the central service of ordering a taxi in Zanzibar. We also offewr you fixed prices, so you know that you will always pay the fair price, not more (or less). The cars we use are not part of our company, we offer you the service of getting licensed taxis and being able to order threm through our call center / online service.

You can pay taxi beofrehand if you wish to pay with a credit card in any currency you wish. This is only possible with the online orders. You can always pay with cash on the spot, in Tanzanian shillings. We will fully refund the online payment if the taxi does not show up.

About the company

Zanzibar Taxi Serive is part of Colors of Zanzibar, tours and travel company. Zanzibari owned, established in 2011.

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