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Getting around Zanzibar

Effortless Transfers in Zanzibar

Navigating public transportation in Zanzibar can be a daunting task for many travelers, leaving them uncertain about the best transfer options. We understand these concerns and aim to alleviate them by presenting a comprehensive listing of the available choices. Let’s explore them together:


Taxis And Other Car Transfers

Public transport: While locals rely on a local bus known as “daladala,” its schedules can be elusive and the frequent stops may slow down your journey. Moreover, overcrowding and safety concerns may arise due to varying driver behaviors and vehicle conditions. However, they remain a budget-friendly option to get from point A to point B. In Stone Town, these buses depart from the Darajani area. Alternatively, you can opt for officially marked taxis in Zanzibar. Remember, there are no standard prices or meters, so negotiation is key before embarking on your ride. At Zanzibar Taxi, we provide fixed fees for our taxis, ensuring transparency and ease of use. Check out our Zanzibar Taxi price list for more information.

Taxis: Zanzibar has plenty of taxis that are officially marked. There are no meters or list prices, so if you are hailing a taxi from the street, you will need to negotiate first before starting the journey. Taxis are mostly private entrepreneurs and the cars are in very varying shapes, as are the prices.

Our Zanzibar Taxi services are reliable, safe, and at fixed rates. Our vehicles uphold high-quality standards, just as our professional drivers do.  See our Zanzibar Taxi price list to see fixed fees.

Tour companies and hotels:  Many reputable hotels and tour companies offer transfer services, providing a secure and well-maintained vehicle at a predetermined price. These options guarantee a safe transfer anywhere around the island and peace of mind while traveling. Zanzibar Taxi is one of these providers that you can rely on.

Car rentals:  For adventurous souls seeking independence, renting a car and driving yourself to explore Zanzibar is an option. However, be aware that an international driver’s license is necessary, and driving conditions can be challenging, especially in towns where traffic can be chaotic. We advise caution and recommend this option only to experienced drivers familiar with similar circumstances.

Bikes And Vespas In Zanzibar

In charming locations like Stone Town and picturesque villages such as Paje, Nungwi, or Matemwe, shorter distances allow for leisurely walks or bike rides. Hotels and rental companies offer convenient bike and Vespa rentals, providing a delightful means of exploration. It’s worth noting that biking and Vespa rides are a common sight in Zanzibar, and in low-traffic village areas, they offer a serene experience.

Please remember that driving bikes, Vespas, or scooters on the beach are strictly prohibited, even if you witness locals doing so.

Mastering the Art of Two-Wheeled Navigation: If you choose to maneuver bikes or Vespas in Stone Town, be prepared for the narrow alleys that demand cautious and slower speeds. It’s essential to prioritize pedestrian safety and remain vigilant at all times.

At Zanzibar Taxi, we aim to provide you with the most relevant and reliable transfer options, ensuring your travel experience is both convenient and unforgettable. Trust us to be your guide in uncovering the wonders of Zanzibar.